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Want to Play the Domino Game, Check Out the Rules

Friday, April 21st, 2017

The domino game is the most common game and most of you have played this game. It may be possible that you have participated the game with other name and different rule. However, the base remains the same. Most of the online game website offers domino qiu qiu slightly different from each other.

You can easily opt any of the websites to play the game and if you are worried about the game rules, then you simply need to read the instructions before starting the game. The other point that you need to consider is the rules selected by you must be functional.

  • Shamble the tiles

On the flat surface, the tiles are shuffled facing down on the surface. This step is done before the game starts and it is important to ensure that tiles are mixed thoroughly. The hands of the player in domino qiu qiu should not stay with the same tiles and the player who is shuffling the tiles would be last to draw his hand for the game. The different player can do the shuffling or the same player can do the job for each game. Basically, there are two options for shuffling.

  • The player sitting right to the player who did first shuffling will get the chance for next shuffling.
  • The winner of the game will shuffle for the next game.
  • The arrangement of sitting

The position of the player in the game is called a seat. The one arrangement of seating is done by lot. After the step of the shuffle, the players take their tiles from the stock and the player with greatest number of pipes get the first attempt to make choice of seat. The player will get the highest starting from the left and it moves in the same order. If the situations arise for the draw, then it is solved by new domino from the sock.  The tiles are collected in stock again and they are shuffled back. In the game of partnership, the partners are sitting in opposite to each other.

  • Playing order

There are different ways by which you can determine, who will play the first game. There three ways, the first is drawing lots, the second is to begin the game with largest domino, and third one is the winner of the previous game, will be first to play the game. As the first player of the game is determined, the next thing is to decide the order of the seating arrangement. Play will start by left and will move in clockwise direction. You can also go with counter clockwise rotation.

  • The heaviest domino game

In some of the game, the rules are stated as the heaviest domino will be the first player and that player should be highest in the double hand.  The other rule suggests that the first play should be made the player who has the heaviest domino in double or single.

Know about the benefits of getting casino news online:

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Internet is the simple word which had changed the lives of many people. Some may find more useful information while surfing the sites and few may enjoy playing games in the gaming sites meant for them. Few many listen to songs or may immerse into the pool of social media. Here in this article, our focus is on the people who are enjoying their free time on playing games. Many people had been involved in playing gambling games more than the other sort of games. The reason is that the casino or gambling games itself includes all the other games like football, basketball and other games. As an additional aspect the people may also earn money after winning their game. With the help of the guidance of some of the casino news providing websites like the mobilecasinoplex, many players had made their destination towards success in the game. Though many websites are providing all the games, the beginner may not be sure of the website as well as the game. In order to know the fact, these casino news websites are more important. People seem to enjoy games on online than on the grounds. There are many reasons behind this, as playing online games may provide them with comfort and it is also one of the convenient ways to prickle the best websites available online.

Knowing the updates of the casino news and its games, the avid gamblers can get updated which helps them to earn more money. Before playing the game, knowledge of the game is very important. With the help of the knowledge gained from these kinds of casino news website, one may get the clear vision about the game which they are playing. The beginners should also get to know about the game in order to know the ups and downs of the game without losing their money. There are many websites which may fake your money and make you to lose all your income. In order to make your free time worthy, you need to know about the consistency of the sites. It can be known only by these casino news sites. It may help the players to know about the websites and about its consistency. So before indulging into a website, one must need to be sure of the website. This can be done with the help of logging on to the website and knowing all the gambling news which gets updated recently.


Friday, April 7th, 2017

The mobile casino bonuses are simply the real currency employed in wagering and betting in the mobile casino games. In contrast to the real gambling establishment that makes use of the chips to exchange during playing, the incentives can be used by the beginners in the mobile casino games. Actually, there are various kinds of Bonuses by which the players can access randomly. Also, there is one sort of bonus, which 99% of the mobile wagering sites given for free; this type of bonus is the sign up no deposit bonus. This type of bonus is available upon finishing the application in the certain gambling sites. This is similar to the free trial, if you do not deposit any funds immediately after registration.


Mobile casino bonus is not only useful for gambling, but also it helps the beginners to minimize the deficits and also this is the free money. Also, it is used as an incentive to lure the gamers straight into the deposits after he got accustomed to the various free house incentives. With the help of this, the players also mean to keep acquiring the bonus and may have the steady flow of the certain free cash.


The actual deposit bonus is the other kind of mobile casino bonus. In order to beneficial from that, you just need to deposit the money. As soon as you made the certain deposit, the certain bonus cash will probably be deposited into the account. The few mobile casino sites even offer the incentives, which equal the amount of your deposit. By this way, the own players may deposit the amount can get the equal amount of credits. To see more info regarding the bonus and to access the credits may help you.


The other sort of bonus may appear like a mushroom. This can be due to the continue promotions or due to the competitions within the mobile casino websites. You may also get the bonus credits if you referred your friend. Another important advantage from this mobile casino is that you can pay the bill through mobile phone itself. This can be done through the credit cards or through the net banking. Though the technology is improved a lot, you can make use of this in this aspect also. There are many kinds of casino bonuses, but each one of these are differing from the gambling site.