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You need to know this if you want to Start Playing Live-Dealing Blackjack

Covid19 caught us by off guard, and we were “forced” to adapt our lives to restrictions and staying at home, and that is why online casinos were such a hit during 2020 and 2021. Because we all have a smartphone, PC or tablet and enjoy playing games on our free time, or in some cases, making and betting some money at the blackjack table.

But if you play on an app, you are missing the human side of being at a casino, and this is where playing online blackjack with a live dealer with real money answered our prayers.

Nonetheless, not every user knows that playing blackjack online does not follow the same rules or pacing as a classic offline casino, and even doesn’t exactly compare between digital and live dealing.

So, in this article we are going to give you key hints so you avoid some common mistakes when you are playing live-dealing blackjack. And before you start googling “Can you play blackjack online for real money?”, the answer is yes, and that is why you should be cautious.

Let’s all start on the same page: what is live dealing?

If you ever played a mobile or PC casino game, surely you realized you were playing against a machine that deals the cards. This is a one-on-one way to play or bet at blackjack, while you are looking at the screen, and hoping the random number generator favors you.

But this way lacks the interaction and environment a land-based casino has, and this is why live dealers are a popular choice. When you are at a live-dealing table, you see a real person on real time dealing real cards, while you feel an atmosphere that looks like a classic casino.

Other reason many people choose live dealing tables is that you get to see other people playing at the same table, and you can interact or chat with other gamblers in real time at the same time you are making money.

Additionally, some choose this because of the live dealer mistakes. Yes, they are human and they can fail, for example, dealing a card right after you chose to stand, maybe skipping you when they are dealing, or even flashing a card by accident.

In top quality casinos, there is a small chance that this could happen, so if you choose your casino carefully, you can safely play your bets.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Not knowing basic rules and strategies

It sounds obvious but you really need to know how to play online blackjack.

We are talking about knowing basic tactics like not accepting insurance bets, splitting aces, or standing at 17 or 18, and also on the “online” part, which includes playing against a machine or a live dealer.

Because online casinos offer a wide variety of blackjack games, and every one of them follow blackjack rules, but may have a bit difference in comparison to the classic one, and they might even differ on the payout ratio.

We recommend you to start practicing on live dealing tables with low bets, so you don’t take high stakes and, at the same time, you get to learn the best strategy to play at this type of blackjack.

Not setting a limit

This goes two ways: when you don’t set how much money are you going to bet; and how much are you going to play.

If you know the rules of the game or even the tricks of the trade, but you don’t establish what minimum of money available are you going to save (so you don’t spend all your money in a single play or day), or how many hours are you going to gamble, without a doubt you are still being an amateur.

Don’t despair and be clear-minded when it comes to playing live-dealing blackjack, because betting money on a digital platform might caught you off guard and leaving you with empty pockets.

Not being aware of the odds

As most of card games, the base of blackjack is math. But we are not saying or implying you need to count cards, but instead we are recommending you to pay attention to some of the cards that are being dealt.

The more you play, the more you are going to understand how does blackjack flows and then you’ll be able to plan a better strategy in a shorter time, and how to play your bets. But remember: we are talking about odds, so there are no recipes for gambling and you have to be aware that you win some, and you loose some.